Spongklong? Huh? Sat that again?

What’s with the name? A lot of people ask us about this. So let us shed some light…

Spongklong is not really a word, that is if you define ‘word’ as something that you can find in a dictionary. Actually it’s a pinoy slang whose meaning is as loose as granny’s undies back in the 70’s. Along with walandyo (smirk smirk), pakshet, kups & other pinoy slangs, it came into existence following the need for terms or words suitable for daily consumption, something that everybody could use sans the harsher implications of their generic but somewhat obsolete counterparts. The younger generation now can express themselves more freely with lesser chances of raising the eyebrows of the conservatives, the moralists or anyone above fifty-five. If you do a quick google search, you’ll probably end up with a link to this site or to this definition: ‘1: stupid or idiot ‘.

Now what stupid idiot would name his site The Stupid Project or the Idiot Project?

You see, it’s not just these two definitions that drew the blurry picture. Like i’ve said the word is often used loosely, sometimes, yes, implying stupidity, but most of time its use is more of a casual expression rather than an articulation of mockery. So when someone says “spongklong ka pala e”, that probably means “sira ka pala e” or “ang kulet mo rin e”. The closest English expression I can think of is probably, “you’re nuts” or “you’re crazy”, which, depending on the context but more often is a pretty neutral remark. So with that said, it’s not so stupid after all, right?

So what then? Well, the name was coined in an OFW’s room in Shanghai and was a product of frustration and homesickness. Plans were made to leave a relatively comfortable life and to pursue the passion that started with Fido Dido. A decision that activated the reset button and put into motion the ineffable plan. Though much was given up for the love of art (which includes a king size bed, a dream cable subscription, and an unlimited supply of cup noodles), the negativity was channelled into something positive & worthwhile.

The Spongklong Project was born.