First post… or Welcome… or Whatever…

This is really nothing but my accounts of the travels we’ve done as a couple, places we wanna visit soon and our dream destinations. I decided I’d also write about some of my trips prior to Jep’s unexpected entrance into my life, just because most of them have been to my favourite continent in the world and it would be cool to relive those good old days where I’d been in good enough luck to have that oh so yummy taste of Europe.

First, I must confess to being a total camwhore(though I think with age I’ve become less obsessed with myself and more with the world around me, or that’s what I’d like to believe — I imagine Jep would rather not comment hehe)! But seriously, our love for travel is as strong as our shared love for photography & need I still mention, fOoooooOD! Going to different places, learning about their worlds & culture bring a whole new light to the place that you only see in photos. My husband is a professional photographer and I am nothing but a poser (who’s dying to be as good as he is hahaha) and travelling gives me that opportunity to take limitless photos, some of which will go in my posts.

This obviously isn’t your Lonely Planet type of travel thingy but it’s not that bad in terms of information value. Some of the stuff I had to scavenge for via Google but most are really from memory (I swear I have to squeeze my brain for some of the details!). They might just come in handy in one of your travels!

In the end this is basically us — me & my husband and our happy times wherever we may be.